Who Should Be a Part of the Dialogue

Who Should be Involved a Public Dialogue about our Public Schools?

When asked about who should be involved in a public dialogue about San Francisco’s public schools, many respondents gave answers around a few key stakeholders, listed below. Take a look at the full list of responses to see people’s comments about each group. Download a full list of responses.

  • Everybody!
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • Parents
  • Students
  • SFUSD Administrators
  • Adults not associated with schools & Seniors
  • Faith based community
  • School based organizations
  • Business community
  • Community-based organizations (CBO’s)
  • City government
  • Neighborhood groups
  • The ‘real deal’/ not the “usual suspects”
  • Traditionally under-represented populations
  • Independent (private) school community
  • Foundations
  • “Usual Suspects”
  • People from the Permanent Campaign