Community Dialogue Phase


Based on results from the Interview Phase, PEPS spent the past year conducting dozens of community dialogues with diverse individuals, citywide, to develop clear, compelling goals about building public support for our schools. Feedback from the Interview Phase made clear the need to engage “not the usual suspect,” and to engage people “where they live.” Accordingly, sessions were limited to 15 participants and PEPS collaborated with many community partners to hold approximately 30 community dialogues, 2 in each of the 11 supervisorial districts and 8 city-wide. Download the full list of partner organizations that hosted community dialogues.


Dialogue group participants were given an opportunity to reflect on the importance of public education, review and discuss baseline data illustrating the current state of our schools, envision world class public schools in San Francisco, and interact with each other to generate actions we can take individually and as a city to better support our public schools. For a better sense of the flow of a community dialogue group: Download the community dialogue agenda.


PEPS spent the summer digging into the results from the rich discussions our community dialogues generated.  We analyzed patterns and identified overarching themes and anomalies.  We sought to understand what people said, looking for consistent words and ideas that articulate the dreams we share for our public schools—dreams that we can act on, together.  We looked for big and small insights about how to use our strength, as a community, to express our love for and protect our belief in public education. Click here for detailed results from the community dialogue phase.