About PEPs

Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed. PEPS wants to make sure those opportunities exist for every child in San Francisco.

We believe we can help mitigate inequity among schools with our replicable, sustainable model that builds deep, mutually beneficial relationships between neighbors and schools.

By supporting PEPS, you are supporting development of a system wide program that creates communities of support around public schools that serve our most vulnerable population.

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We Level The

Playing Field

San Francisco public schools all get funding from the state and the city. But private fundraising can vary drastically from one school to the next. Some schools have elaborate parent networks that organize fundraisers year-round to provide extras for students; schools in less affluent neighborhoods may not even have a PTA. Our goal is to level the playing field by enlisting local communities to become champions of their schools.

The PEPS strategy is simple: Create a more direct, collaborative and symbiotic relationship between local schools and their surrounding neighborhood. When communities are invested in their local schools, educators have more time and resources for their students.

We are demonstrating through our pilot program how a small investment can make a big difference. It works!
Community + Schools = Success

How It Works

Here's How It Works

The power of every dollar we raise is multiplied in value many times over as this cycle continues. It’s irresistible; people want to be part of something bigger than themselves. How about you? Community+Schools = Success


The first and most crucial step is to hire and train a Community Liaison who becomes embedded in a school. Ideally, they will have grassroots organizing aptitude and perhaps even personal connections to the school or neighborhood.


The Community Liaison identifies the unique characteristics of the school and neighborhood, and the opportunities for mutual benefit. The liaison then establishes and nurtures relationships with households, community organizations, and businesses in the school’s immediate vicinity.


The Community Liaison connects neighborhood resources with the school’s aspirations, needs, and challenges. For example, a local gallery might feature student art; a local grocery might donate to the school’s family food pantry; a local church may provide volunteer mentors, and the school might provide meeting space for the local merchants' association.

The Liaison cultivates these relationships and establishes new ones, building on successes and collaborating with teachers, administrators, students and neighbors to imagine exciting new ways to integrate the school into the social, cultural, and economic fabric of the neighborhood.


Amplify: Positive stories are magnetic. When we tell stories about our generous, kind, and talented neighbors, we inspire deeper engagement and investment in each other. Celebrating success encourages and rewards our efforts, deepens our relationships and sparks new ones, and inspires other communities to adopt the model.